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State of Fingal going into 2024

2023 has been a wild ride for Fingal. This June we saw the fall of Whykicamoocow, a clan that stood strong over fingal for better or worse for the past decade. Replacing it, Paranoid, the new age of Fingal, after all of about 2 weeks of comp Government: Dom clan (Paranoid) Dom Group EG Drop Distribu...

Re: Suggestion for DECA to help the community quickly move past this event.

2011 player also here, i REALLY dont think the xp should be dramatically changed. it is 100 hours (roughly 400 lixes) to level even if you dont level optimally which imo is enough time to learn the game on your first character. even on the current xp level you get people who dont know how to play at...

Re: State of the Servers

Server: Fingal Government Type: 1 Dom clan Names of Major Factions: Whykicamoocow (dom clan), blackfyre (??? clan) Degree of Endgame Competition: none. sometimes blackfyre resurface for a couple days randomly Endgame Boss Kill Schedule: prot same time every day, gele 19:00, bt 19:00, dino sometimes ...

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