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Re: I have question

Something funny Lazy Pete? Didnt think so pal! I actually posted this as test to devs to see if they care, they dont care and dont check the forum, now if you have gold to sell im all ears but if you dont, I dont want to hear you run your mouth!

Re: State of the game

For people who want to merge the servers: instead of that what would you say to letting people log into whatever server they want? Don’t let your character be bound to a single server. Just log into whatever one you want, until it is full. And then if a server is unpopulated, then it can be removed...

Re: State of the game

Agreed. Quite simply, merge the damn servers already. Why am I on a server with 20 people on at any given time. What is the point, where is the community. Merge these dry ass desert ass dead servers already, you have a very small playerbase, there is no need for so many servers. Also, enough with th...

Gold + Items in Lugh, looking to trade for Gold/Items here

hey all. I have about 1.3m in Gold on Lugh and various other misc. items, such as a full black quartermaster set, a Black Spectral Charm (Non-Aeon), and an Ancient Relic Dragonstaff. Looking to trade those items for items on this server, such as gold, sigils, backpack expansions, and elixirs. HMU th...

Re: Lughs future discussion

Lol, we've tried making peace with Alliance on multiple occasions, I offered them rolling on bosses we lock as long as they help in the SLIGHTEST hope that we can get along and when I brought that proposal to their leader, I got ignored, so i spoke to a gen, and he straight up said no, they are a ve...

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