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Re: Price check

Average cost of (health-energy sigils, chests, idols, restos, super/hero sks, hastes, dragon eggs) please post the server you’re on Herne server: Sigs: 10-20k each box Resto: 250-500g each Idols: 50-200g each Sks: 4k Chests: 50-90k Hastes: 4-6k Dragon eggs: 1-3m if ur telling me i can get 9m for £1...

Re: Price check

Warsong wrote:Morrigan Server

Sigils: 5k a crate
Sks:3-3.5k per
Pots: 200g
Idols:50g per or free lots of times
Chests:20k usually
Hastes:3-4k per
Dragon eggs:1-2m

looks pretty cheap there haha. only if chests were like 30-40k haha

Re: Telltale

bob the mage wrote:Am I the only one who is missing the context here :shock: :?

telltale is a company like vr, who makes games or a game for there beloved fans and recently they fired basically there entire team. loads of people lost there jobs.

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