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Re: Witch Dead

Sneakylistia wrote:At least four servers got drops including mine donn. But will be,interested to hear from vr on this as it also seems,that everyone got the same drops

Have only heard of 4 drops to Donn, which other servers?

Re: It’s about time

The drop rates of good items are really tiresome. Maybe one in every 5 mordys you will get something someone actually wants to use. One in 10 necros and don’t even start me on hrung. You wait for weeks for a skull drop and it’s a sacrifice one most of the time. Just annoys people wasting lix and ti...

Re: EDL boss timers

-1 Edl isn't very hard to get as is and Its best armor besides dg well depending on use it can be better than dg so i think it should stay as is Yup, edl armor so easy to get that you can get it solo if you multilog, weapons on the other hand are imo in a good spot considering they are one of the b...

EDL boss timers

Hey VR, any plans to reduce time between edl bosses, decrease 4*/increase 6* bosses etc. like you did for frozen and dl a possibility for the ease of life update that you guys announced? Anyone else think this is needed or know if it’s likely to happen?

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