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Re: New Rules - Records

Lol rr you hit the nail on the head,what a joke this vote is,there are a few young players on this server who's parents might not let them get wechat (which does have a reputation of not being the safest chat app on the Internet ) but that doesn't seem to mater anymore on this server as others seem ...

Re: leveling and rooms

Only one at a time furyion one person from other group would split from who they were killing and take the one we were doing we did ask if they could leave the 4 mobs that spawn on the side of the room we were in but that didn't happen, and when they had killed the other 3 mobs are side of the room ...

Re: leveling and rooms

Thx xyn for your post I see there's other posts going on we're this hole thing is getting out of hand so I will respond on here only if that's ok with you. I do understand what ks is and that is what happened to myself and dulc last weekend,dulc and myself had been in a full group levelling dulc log...

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