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Re: Hi all

Dark Kitty wrote:I can’t help too much with druid but we do have a wonderful subforum which should help you! :D

Thanks! Those forum posts will definitely help me a bunch. Was hoping I could get personal guidance from someone on Taranis, but it looks like the forums is not so active.

Hi all

Hey guys. I haven’t gotten a chance to post uptill now, but I’ve picked this server to start my adventure on. I’ve found a nice dude to help me out, shoutout to Ed Sheeran. I know he doesn’t play that much anymore as he said, but I’m glad for his guideance... sadly tho.. he’s a mage not a Druid. Any...

Re: New to the game.

Hey guys. :) Made a healer character just to look around, but Cool game so far. Welcome to da game :D Feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any questions! Also careful calling druids healers, some people are sensitive. :P If you're nice to your druids, and admit we are the superior class, occasion...

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