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Re: I need warrior build advice

My jewelry is hero ammy of vigor Grand vanguards circlet of the summit Godly firefang ring Cronachs ironroot ring Grand guardians talisman Revenant bracelet of revitalisation Cronachs bladeleaf ring And superior stormfist ring I’m rather poor as far as gold goes so I may not be able to afford an ax...

Re: Contest Prizing!

Hey Heroes! We want your feedback and ideas. Specifics! We CANNOT add new items to the game, as you know. So we're playing around with ideas for prizing right now. Below: We'll give you some examples (not set in stone) of things we've been tossing around. We'd like to know your thoughts. Example A:...

Re: Weekend Events

Tbh an event with reduced raid timers would be great for drops but the previous one burnt everyone out, I'd like to see regular timers but with reduced windows (instant or maybe max 1hour) , something that's been suggested many times before

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