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Re: Hello from Lir

when xfering to epona its hard to find people moving from epona so id say best to find a chest buyer on lir to xfer you other wise you could expect rates of 1:3 or even 1:5


was wondering if you could make it so that when you want to switch which tier you choose theres a reset button I recently checked my stats and seen that im 1- friendly with reavers but minus 3-with Liches I have no idea how that happened shouldn't it be when your friendly with 1 your minus with the ...


so I ran to 215 I was getting attacked so I logged out my mount pet was not equipped when I relogged I appeared at the lay stone my travel lix was no longer on and my mount pet has a 49 minute dismount time? please explain my lix also runs out so thats 2 travels lines lost cause I tried it again als...

Forgot pass and email

I have an old account that I forgot the password of and I’m not sure if there was an email registered to the account if there was I don’t know it cause the account was accessed like 2 years ago so is there any possible way for me to get the account back or nah

Re: Tickets response time

I've sent a ticket request by email regarding my account to appeals and support it took about 2 weeks for a reply and the Appeals team they said they don't deal with this problem so can't help me and told me to contact the support email which I had did at the start of the first email I sent so I don...

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