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Selling fash

Selling some none aeon fash Pink frostguard with no boots Green fg pants and gloves yellow fg pants hat and top red fg hat and pants orange fg top hat and boots blue fg top and boots purple boots and gloves turquise fg with no top Black spider top boots and gloves black radiant wylewood top black sa...

Re: Hello from Lir

when xfering to epona its hard to find people moving from epona so id say best to find a chest buyer on lir to xfer you other wise you could expect rates of 1:3 or even 1:5


was wondering if you could make it so that when you want to switch which tier you choose theres a reset button I recently checked my stats and seen that im 1- friendly with reavers but minus 3-with Liches I have no idea how that happened shouldn't it be when your friendly with 1 your minus with the ...


so I ran to 215 I was getting attacked so I logged out my mount pet was not equipped when I relogged I appeared at the lay stone my travel lix was no longer on and my mount pet has a 49 minute dismount time? please explain my lix also runs out so thats 2 travels lines lost cause I tried it again als...

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