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Re: Item value

Lol that sounds about like my luck, I know alot of people say the chest are awful now, I never played back in the old days so I wouldn't have anything to compare too, but I do get alot of knowledge potions and mount tokens.

Item value

Hey I'm not a very experienced player so item value isn't my strong point, I bought some chests and just wondering what's the gold value of arctic aeon lute, it says it's the rarest one, has 50 health regen, and a green aeon sparkly wig, makes your hair green and radiant lol any help is welcome.


Have gold on Mabon would trade for gold or items on gwydion, pm me.

New Server

Leaving Mabon for Gwydion, but have some nice items, wondering if anyone who has played Gwydion before is up for a cross server trade, using a trusted middle man, let me know.

Re: New server

Armo wrote:Just let me know the details of the trade (who it is between and the items in question), and I’m happy to assist.

Sure thing my friend, will lost the character name and items shortly

Re: New server

I’m always happy to middleman server xfers if people need. From what I've seen and considering he is an official forum guide, i think you could trust Armo to middle man if ya wanted. It's not against the Terms of Service, and its alot simpler than it seems if you have a trustworthy middleman as suc...

New server

Recently started in Gwydion, have some items on Mabon, am I correct in assuming there is no safe way to trade between servers? This kind of trade is not against ToS but I guess it would be hard to find an honest person to trade with.

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