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Re: Any updateeeeeeee

I think you’re on the wrong forums, so I’ll guide you to the correct one first : https://forum.warhammerodyssey.com/ You say Warhammer: Odyssey is the #1 MMORPG but it only makes a fraction of revenue that Celtic Heroes still somehow gets (fact: check it before you continue your argument). You comp...

Re: Any updateeeeeeee

Last month warhammer made less than $5000, celtic heroes on the other hand made $100000, which is at least 20 times more, despite being at least 9 years older... Also there's way more complaints for warhammer, trust me. So Celtic Heroes gain more money than Warhammer last month. Thats last month, b...

Re: Apostate bracelet

I guess I’ll toss my insight in here... the game is so stale now that this item and this update from November 2018 is basically the only thing people have really cared about in the past 2 years so it’s fair everyone knows what happened. Initial drop rate when it first came out was something like 1 ...

Re: Bt event

I wouldn't mind a nice boost on the drops for the event. Could be a guaranteed godly instead of imp per kill OuO
or even only godly drops for the event :lol: :D
or only godly/imp drops per event and no royals
please :D

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