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Re: Mount/pet tokens

I have a question. Say i have two mount tokens and two bounty prizes (purple token). How could i get a tier 4 white tiger? Can we trade bounty prizes (purple token) with mount tokens in some way from shop? Your best bet is to buy 2 lvl 1 tier 1 mounts from the bounty shop, breeding them to get a lv...

Where to xfer to?

Looking to xfer from Lir, that whole server is just drama drama drama lately, I just don't know where to move to! I'm quiet, might crack a joke or two, and go inactive every few months for a couple weeks. Let's go!

Re: Mounts are now slower...

That's a bold statement to make unless you have video evidence. There are times though that my 100% mount feels like something is slowing it down and in fact someone else's 100% mount was passing me up before Just a note, depending on what that person was riding, the Sage's White Stallion has a ski...

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