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Re: auric arcanium extractor

Oh, another 'creation' from Glasgow team, playing with English. Humor that last 0.5 sec. Good that the Bangkok team can concentrate on quality creation now. I'm totally fine if a game contain references to another game eg. 'Burize', ' Eaglehorn' in original DotA.

Re: Anything in creation now?

Regeneration should be buffed and allowed to stack for ring/brace slots. And combat regeneration for combat foods please. C'mon VR these won't break your game like what conservative OTM worried about. Conservatism brought too much dullness and we knew what happened next...

Re: Too slow paced

Some time ago I suggested that the game needs to be more fast paced, I was surprised that it got 0 or little comments. What I mean by slow paced is the combat, 100% of things to do in CH involves combat and just imo its too slow and quite dull to watch and honestly makes me not interested in playin...

Re: Reset Hours

Open world bosses that arise out of a reset, are EXTRA. The team doesn't owe the players anything, to the point of making special arrangement in deployment.

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