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Re: Hello all

I shot you a mail in game to your druid, currently stuck trying to kill the bosses in the murky area for the meteor bow! Then moving on to carrow...

Re: Hello all

Welcome! Who were you on Arawn? Whats your name here? Biggest question... WHYYY havent you mailed me yet?!?! Now you are a name I remember! You probably don't remember me too well, lot of people in Serenity called me Red, but my characters included Dent (mage, and no, not Dented lol) and Omicron (a...

Hello all

Just wanted to take a second to introduce myself, Some of you have probably already seen me around, or bought some combo elixers from me ;), I am new to crom but a returning player from back in 2013 when I originally quit the game. My first world ever was arwen, it was great but when my clan I was i...

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