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who do i talk to when xferring to rosmerta?

id like to xfer around 30-40m in items on arawn for 20-30m on rosmerta.

How much would it cost to get a toon from 1-220 for each class?

many thanks.

Re: xferring 30m gold from arawn

Epona is a nice change from dom clan servers but there are a lot of transfers so progress is quite slow rn unless you know someone willing to help you out or are happy to pay your way through. Gwyd is also nice, quieter but drama free, again dom clan though so if that's what you're looking to get a...

xferring 30m gold from arawn

Not here to start clan drama, i just really dont like how arawn is run very not fun server. if i were to xfer all my gold to a new server which one should i and why? im not a tryhard, i just level when bored, normally i just make friends and farm stuff edit: id be willing to be any class, as long as...

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