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Re: Fix ASAP

If we don't want PvP removed then in arena make all Aoe skills single target. Example- firestorm rather than damaging everyone, damage only the target that its casted on.

Re: Witch Dead

Well if vr can counting and rewarding highest 10 players dps on the witch and rest get lixs gold or whatever will be good xd Top 5% of players should get the highest rewards, the next 45% of players should get good rewards and the last 50% of players should get gold. Based off damage. Gonna have to...

Re: Hellsteed mount thread

I dont mind it being same or a little slower than spirit mount, even a little less damage than most mounts too if they made it stay after using resurrection idol. Honestly for rogues and dps warriors mounts have no significance after first few min of most raids as you tends to die and lose them in m...

Re: Witch Dead

Hello everyone! Big congratulations to everyone for working together to defeat Bheara of the Hell Coven. The Witch was met with a good deal of feedback, negative and positive, and in that light we are working on adjustments to make the encounter enjoyable for everyone. In regards to the loot and in...

Re: Witch Dead

Robert wrote:
Eragon123 wrote:the root method probably wasn't expected lol.

It wasn’t used.

Whats funny is it wasn't even used, somehow the boss glitched at back side and didn't reset at all.
And 300 plus people attacking it got it down lol

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