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Re: Top clan and Server

and combat the griefing your clan was doing at the time :) Like killing the off tanked root while a small clan is trying to kill BT? Or setting rules for the lockfight specifically saying: "Neither clan can go until N root is down and BT is reset" then immediately breaking your own rule? ...

Re: Point system

If you use Guildlaunch, I did write a program so that you can write text indicating the boss/attendees and it’ll parse the text creating an xml block of code so that you can paste it onto Guildlaunch and it’ll automatically create the raids for you (Essentially writing code to generate more code). ...

Re: Nuada free server

We are still debating on making it open to roll for all clans or just Apex, but as its looking rn, its more close to open for all. ;)

our aim is to just make Nuada more active and a fun place to play.

We already killed our first gele today in just 12 min. xD
so i am really happy about this.

Re: New clan - Apex

Clan apex is those people who dressed up at the expense of the clan, the crew, and left, so your clan is not reliable as all it;) Hey man, I was there in crew since those days when it was dead. I was one of those who worked hard to get crew where it is today. It is filled with few greedy shameful p...

New clan - Apex

Hello everyone, We made a new clan in Nuada with an aim to increase the activity to server. We openheartedly invite everyone to join us. Our Clan namely Apex is a hybrid of both Rolls and Dkp Below is the link for our rules, please check them and please help us improve Nuada again. Lets make effort ...

Re: Youtube Intro

I am hosting a comp for my youtube channel as I will start making videos again. I need a new intro so the person who makes me the intro I enjoy the most will win either: A choice of 500k on Nuada/Gwydion/Epona OR 10 chests on a server of your choice. My channel link is here My old intro can be seen...

Re: Nuada Event

Gabee wrote:The prices are all clean?

Lmao ofc, all toons who participated in Gold glitch/hack were already banned and all of that gold is already removed.

This is just our way to increase the activeness on our server even further more.
The more the merrier :)

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