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Re: New Arena thoughts

The global arena is awesome..........for high levels im level 100 and its no fun because i just get destroyed straight away. It would be good if there were different arenas for different levels so everyone can participate :)

Buying reaper ring or haste?

Hello, im a ranger on arawn called star shot. im at level 100 and wondering what lux to buy? i currently have the wyldgrove sun ammy and my braces are godly vit and goldy str. Should i get the reaper ring or are there better rings out there:) thx

Selling staffs

Heyo, Im selling a 90% speed 30% camo primal govehawk and a dragon staff 80% speed and 10% camoflague. If you want these contact me in game my name is Star Shot, so send me mail lol.

How to play a strength ranger

Hey, i wanna start up a strength ranger. Just wondering what skills are best. Where to put my stat points, i wanna play strength but have enough dex to hit and vit to survive. What are the best pets for strength ranger? What are the best mounts? weapons, ect. Thankyou.

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