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Re: Gele Lock Battle Crap pls all respond

A general good rule of thumb for bossing is until the boss is locked by one group, anything is fair game until then. Anything past when it’s already locked, (calming tank, pulling adds, etc) could be considered griefing. If a smaller group outlooks the larger group, then simply leave the area and wa...

Re: Strongest servers?

There isn’t many ways to quantify “strongest” since that can mean amount of players total, most EG players, best gear, amount of bosses killed, highest damage output, rankings on Leaderboards, etc. All servers have been doing pretty good recently tbh. The last server left to kill Bloodthorn is now k...

Re: Luxury pets

With premium pets constantly being added to the game, it does make sense to have something to do with old premium pet.

Maybe treat it as a Tier 4 pet and exchange for pet tokens?

Re: Guild Question Plus advice

But I will take your advice I will try my best to work things out as long as they will meet me halfway because I'm willing to meet them halfway even though deep in my mind it's screaming leave unless they apologize, I know that will never happen. But I really appreciate your advice and I thank you ...

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