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EDL versus CG healing off hand

Have you compared the ranges or the radius of effect of each? Some believe strongly that at Gele for example EDL OH is better. It's obvious that the CG OH from stats alone seems superior. Is it boss dependent ? Jump in here and share your observations. I would be interested in why and when you favor...

Re: The Dino raid.

VR any comments? We would appreciate a glimmer of hope in the near future for a so far a seemingly impossible raid with numerous programming glitches beyond our control. Not asking for an easy raid but doable within your intent. Please fix the unintended issues. Thanks!

Re: Druid Wards

Wards are not worthless. No you can't max all 6 at once and still effectively heal, 3-4 wards has been my experience provided you can scavenge Aggy ward rings and provide full heal support. Magic, Fire, Ice, and Soldier most used imo. Hot barring the wards is easy and they last a long time. There is...

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