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Re: White Sunlit Fashion!

I have seen a character near the vendor for this fashion, in white, u can't click on her and I can't find anything on when and if the white will return.... Help!!! Does white still appear at random or is an event coming.... BAHHHHH.... Lol any ideas anyone!?!

Re: Offhand level 100 vs 150

Personally I stay away from element type weapons and go with the other options. As for lvl 100 vs 150... It's your gold, make sure you are happy with your purchase. As for your build, those are pretty personal if you are into your character. I say put points into what you feel is best for you. If yo...

Re: Nuada's Clans

Hiya FOSSIL, It's me, Demonic. We are necromongers, we are small because we prefer it and we run as a family. We help anyone who asks in anyway we can. We do not roll in our clan, we are necro. We keep what we kill. All useful items are donated for others. When we group with other clans to help, we ...

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