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Xfer from arawn!

First off I’d like to introduce my self! Hello my name is bourne, aka Bourne Jr on Epona since my name was taken by someone inactive lol besides the point. I’ll be in Epona knocking out levels coming from arawn, left because I’ve been in arawn since 2011 and it’s recently gotten very toxic. But now ...

Re: Your favorite detergent here!

LivingArawn wrote:Welcome back to Celtic Tide :) Please stay away from the kitchen...Seems some near sighted folks are confusing you with candy.

As for what server to join, maybe just create some nubs on a couple and see which you like the best.

Oh my, liv I remember your name from when I use to play arawn!

Re: Your favorite detergent here!

Would love to have you on Tara. Nice and active server with little drama in between clans. Also decently active and literally has most kinds of clan systems you can imagine! DKP, Banks, Rolls, its all here! Hmmmm what kind of drama? I don’t really like drama lol! Every server has drama. Its just se...

Re: Your favorite detergent here!

Welcome back! Idk much about all the servers but Gwydion is ace if you like end game content. If you give it a go let me know and I am always super happy to help :) Any idea what class you're going for? Eury ♥ Thanks! I have no idea yet, might go for ranger! Would be cool to know what the world nee...

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