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Re: Xfer

Cool, I will keep Herne as a viable option provided I get some assistance with xfer, thanks for responding Kaliset


Hi I wanna xfer 8m out of Donn to any decent server which isn't dead,let me know if u can help me out. Thanks.

Re: Response to griefing

Simply outlocking at a boss fine. Outlocking a clan to block them (not holding it, outlocking to stop the other clan because you dont have the numbers to hold or kill) is a dirty tactic, and some consider it griefing. You cant define it further without going case by case and getting specific. But t...

Re: Gele Lock Battle Crap pls all respond

We used lixs,bara but their gear is superior dg af so, n while VR policy states that it isn't griefing if u try to block other clans like this,it is just sad. N u guys killd Gele after 1 hr of pulling that unfathomable. M sure this will happen again since Vikings killed Gele 1s,n u guys are scared n...

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