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Re: BT helms

if they both dropat same rare that would ruin the economy and devalue everything.. like if apostate spawned every weak it wouldnt be worth 50 mil+ which effects other items ... if apostate was worth 10 mil then that would effect bt rings and other items costs because the rarer things are to ge tthe ...

Dragon skill damage

Someone told me the dragon skill cannot crit over 4k damage not including the damage of the 3 ticks .... i was curious what is the highest crit you've gotten with the dragon skill not including the tic damage i would like if you could provide screen shot proof as well... im sure ive seen 4k+ damage ...

Re: BT helms

-1 million the whole point of playing the game is to grind it out i dont want easier drops so then later we can ask for more new content because we got so many bt helms

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