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best server to play

I have GCSE's currently, once there finished im prob gonna get around 400-500 chests on a server. but which? I prefer a more populr server where i can get gear easily :) and not have a bad reputation of a server

Re: i dont wanna be that guy

As your email was received on Monday it is still in the queue for processing. You do however have a timed ban and will have to wait the full duration. does it automatically unban me as the time is done? or do i need to request the activation once time up Automatic. will we be getting new chests in ...

Check out if free :()

hey guys, ive played celtic heroes from 2011-2013 then i quit for 5 years. i came back on january first and i have had a wild time, started completely fresh level 1 poor broke. now its march 1st and i have full dragonlord and multiple necro mord and hrung stuff!!!! Platinum is not needed one bit! ju...

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