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world with best items market

I was going to start on a new server and was wondering what server has the most stuff being sold. like what world has the cheapest items for elixirs and other plat items that people use for levelling. Also what server has the most old stuff that is fun to collect just for later on i like collecting ...

Re: What's the best class?

This is my opinion: Good for farming drops mage - magic cannon ranged rogue - physical damage cannon ranger - ranged physical Team player: Druid - dem heals bruh Warrior - aggro/ tanker Stats/skills-wise: Tank-either full str or full vit or both Rogue-Nice Burst Ranger-Ultimate Kiter Mage-Burst Dru...

What's the best class?

i'm making a new character and was wondering what class do people think is the best. I'm looking for one that's just fun to muck around on and preferably doesn't need to many luxury items and is okay for fighting bosses. what are the pros and cons to the one you choose? and thanks for any responses

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