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Re: Rogue class

vicky wrote:
Apples-Bele wrote:Rogues need qs dmg to their bt rings and a qs dmg dino brace and then they will be balanced. Could give qs to dino dagger too

Is there any rogues with full dg?

No, none in the game yet.

Re: idear for eragons CH Database

I think there used to be a way to pull it up in web browser, but idr where I saw that and have no idea wether it’s still a thing or even if it’s a TOS violation lol. I think it used to be in the browser for a short while when the leaderboards first came out, then it was moved in-app. That was a lon...

Re: Dhio raid fix

Upping it to 30-35 would be nice, but it'd need to be buffed to make up for it. I don't want it to be another raid that requires more than 35 until you have a lot of gear from it

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