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Re: Plans on game

Hopefully this keeps ur hopes up. The new game (Warhammer : Odyssey) is still in a soft launch and therefor takes a lot of people to build it up but has a way to go before it becomes as good or even better than CH https://i.postimg.cc/Y0xCny1g/DF700-F20-DEAB-4781-A9-BF-80-D5-C8-B2-E18-E.jpg "w...

Re: Epona Server Issues

Hello Heroes, We've had to divert some of our Celtic Heroes server budget to our new game, Warhammer Odyssey, part of the Warhammer™ franchise. Which starting from the 22nd of February you can download for free on iOS and android across all regions! We hope to begin working on Celtic Heroes again ve...

Re: State of the game

VR are busy with their new game for now, itd be pretty dumb of them if they aren't heavily considering server merges at the very least so it's likely they just don't have the resources to put into developing it at the moment. Which is pretty much the reason why all those problems you listed don't ge...

Re: BT helms

mckenna wrote:+1

Better drop rates for BT helms and BT ability rings please.

150 kills in our server, no ranger BT helm yet.

Stop complaining the whole point of the game is to grind it out. You should be grateful if you get a single one before 500 kills.

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