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Re: Bloodthorn bash

The developers have never actually played at an endgame level. Of course they don't understand it's too much for 95% of clans. That and they probably just can't be bothered to put an update out for it(if it even would require one)

Re: VR, We Really Do Need Answers

You had an extremely good point about the Phoenix. I remember while while back OTM removed shrink and growth charms // ghost charms and crookback charms because they were childish and didn’t fit where the game was heading and then we get this extremely bright very cartoonish looking pets and mounts...

Re: Ethics Behind Locking Threads

I believe that the moderators are doing a great job and no threads were unjustly locked. The moderators clearly have no bias at all, Robert, Dark Kitty, Armo. Truly amazing moderators with zero bias. They should be thanked for their great work for the community and keeping the forums completely clea...

Re: Let's be realistic

Which servers can’t field enough players to kill Bloodthorn? No idea I believe all servers can kill for now unless blaze strat is 'fixed'. How about how many servers can get dino below 50%? I don’t know. Is the newest endgame boss that has only been killed by a single server in its current form a g...

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