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Re: Ranger end game dps guide

Aaaaaamazing guide! Just need 2godly prot bracers 2godly necro rings a godly anointed ring and a reaper ring! (After I get dg, edl Quiver and a godly sureshot) Should be in my mail any day now! nice comment smartass. Think you should go read the disclaimer again. Vents guide has the best possible g...

Top rangers

Hello! I am very curious who people think are the top rangers in the game. I would love to hear about whos the top dog of each server and even more curious about an order of best rangers that you all know about :o i have seen a few rangers who look very strong but not many. This would help out a lot...


Hello arawn. I am new to the game and have read about your server. So far this looks like my favourite one. I have got only a few quick questions about it and i hope that bobthemage can answer. You seem very helpful on arawn forum for new players :) I one day hope to be the strongest ranger but hope...

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