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Og game memories [Please read]

My Username is TorakTheBrave from Arawn. I joined the game back in 2011, nearly right when it came out. I'm looking for any old og players just to see if there are any left? It's been nearly 10 years now since I joined. I was 11, now 21. I quite literally grew up on this game as you can tell from my...

please help!!!!!

hello, I come from the world of Arawn it's been a year since I've played. I know my display name for the game, but i forgot my username and password can someone help me at all? Ive spent about 50 bucks of iTunes on this game. P.S. My display name was Torakthebrave.

I have a confession

Things for me(Torakthebrave) have been going pretty nice since I joined celtic heroes.Which was around my birthday(the 17th of September). When I started I had had lots of fun. Later on about December things had changed... ALOT!!! I had gotten to about lvl 47. For some reason during that time period...

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