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Re: Your New Best Friend: Design A Pet Contest

The almighty Arkoss ! It is found in the silvery lakes of Fingal's Cave and feeds on otherworldly crystals. It strikes terror deep into the soul of any hero bold enough to approach it. Stats: (Lvl.1) Str: 20 Foc: 20 Defence: 75 Armour: 45 Physical Attack Evasion: 50 Skill: Fingal's Bastion Adds armo...

Re: LeBron to the Lakers

Cavs didn't deserve LeBron. I'm glad he left. Dan Gilbert didn't deserve LeBron and all those fans that burnt his jersey in 2010. These players owe these cities nothing. He promised he would deliver Cleveland a championship and he delivered, so instead of complaining, I hope Cleveland fans use this...

Re: New Members

+1, and chicken class Skill 1: Lay Egg (see below) Skill 2: Chicken Poo - if enemy walks over it, they stay in place for 20secs to clean it off their feet. Skill 3: Fertilize Egg - Cast on an egg to pop out a chick to go run away from all mobs. The chick does absolutely nothing. and uh, that's pret...

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