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Re: Bottleneck at DL

Ventius wrote:Purple does not drop less than other classes. Qll colours have an equal drop rate. Rogue is just the most played class meaning you are competing with far more other people for the drops.

This statement is not in line with my experience.

iPads running hot

Since this last patch all of my iPads and my iPad Pro are running extremely hot. I deleted the app and re downloaded..this has not resolved the issue. All of my devices are 2018. I have not purchased plat beucase I can’t play the game for any extended period of time..they are so hot after 15 min tha...

Re: Fisherman’s Market

This is a very cool idea. I’m not a fisher (only like lvl 20 something lol) but I would expect these relics and fish to take forever to find and this Band sounds great for that. Now if only someone can make a Cooking Band :POP: I can’t think of a need for a cooking band. What would the idea be? Als...

Fisherman’s Market

Hello we have just opened the doors to the Fisherman’s Market on Band. A place where fisher people on Arawn can trade tier relics, rare and exotic fish, secret pool spots or just sit back and relax. It s open to the public. No tag prejudice..just beer and gear. All the best Hey, join our 'Fisherman'...

Re: Admin plz verify

Schwing wrote:We intend to have our normal Black Friday deals.

Any plans on giving us something to spend that plat on? *whispers* {mounts....stat gear to play catch up with these older players....just do it}

Subliminal messages I hear work if whispered in the correct tone.

All the best

Re: Is Colours cleaning Arawn?

Oh by the way talking about skill based guild, is pulling adds on Res after we outlocked them at Prot considered as skill based? I think that’s the best example of what is meant by skill based. For Res we just zerg Prot, outlock rival clan and then zerg kill it whether adds are pulled on us or not....

Re: Is Colours cleaning Arawn?

The difference between Colours and Res is very simple. Colours is a skill based guild. Res is a Zerg guild. Core values is a huge divider as well. I would make a few more honest comparisons, but the thread would get locked. I think if you are looking at transferring...contact any member of Colours. ...

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