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Re: Ethics Behind Locking Threads

You wouldn’t get these “trigger happy bans” and good threads being locked if a select bunch of you guys stopped getting personal on every post you see. Some of these threads that get locked are amazing, but then you get to the last page and you have 2-3 people having a brawl on who can use more insu...

Re: Luxury pets

They said in a different post they weren’t going to do it. Which probably means itl never happen because even tho premium pets should be treated like the rest, the bottom line is they make more money if we can’t refund them. Money is what they care about.

Re: Clan Owned Gear

I’ve had my own experience with it. I left a clan after opposing other generals and guardians over a scammer they couldn’t accept was a scammer. Whilst I’d put years into the clan and into perfecting the build itself. They asked me to return my old gear. I flat out told them No. Why is it selfish ke...

Re: The ingame support tool

The Support team was previously acting against the intended design of the pets like the Dragon and the Phoenix by allowing players to refund them, and those requests were being abused (even with only receiving half of the eggs returned). In order to respect the wishes of the development team and en...

Re: The ingame support tool

Thanks for the reply

Can an admin please clarify if we can refund premium pet for half price, I don’t really think it’s fair if we are forced to keep a pet we don’t want just because it’s only obtainable by chests. It’s not something a game should be doing

The ingame support tool

Personally had a terrible interaction with this Asked support a question about a Phoenix, told me getting my 2 eggs from my lvl 2 pet was not refundable Soooo I asked for half price, which I have been informed is fine But apparently not I got the exact same, word for word, punctuation exact answer “...

Support being no help

So first I sent an ingame message via the tool asking to turn my lvl 2 Phoenix into 2 eggs, they said unfortunately it’s not refundable So I sent another asking for ONE EGG half the price like every goddamn pet refund in this game. I got the exact same copy pasted respone, I wasted a couple days wai...

Re: Arena glitch

Buffs are staying after u die on the buff debuff section but I don’t think it’s still affecting you.

Had a weird glitch where it said my pet was hungry, couldn’t use it but it was still next to me

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