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What's your opinion on someone who wouldn't help you at a boss unless they were to get drop, come last second and steal drop?

My friend is selling...

Hey y'all, my friend in game is selling:
Old Heroic Boots 150k
Old Heroic Gloves 150k
Old Heroic Ammy 250k
Golden Quiver Of Ice 170k
Full Greater Midsummer Set (No Helm/2 Pants if you wanna pay full price) 200k
PM Strobe in game

Prices are non negotiable with the exception of midsummer

Thanks OTM

I have played this game since 2012 and played so much and so long, I quit thus game for a year and that left a hole in me LOL but this game had made me make many friends and helped rule many clans in Gwyidon, Rosmerta, Arawn, Lugh, Thanks OTM :D

What class are you?

Hey guys out of curiosity what class are you guys and why did you choose them? I'll start it off.. First I had chosen ranger but at lvl 80 I suddenly got bored because we'll they stink at pvp and so hard to use, after that I created a rogue and got him to 124 (still use him) and loved him, why? pvp ...

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