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Re: I’m Back!

It’s not really dead though o.0 but yeah, a lot of the older players have either sold out or quit. It’s good to see yall still drop by the forums though ;)

Re: BT helms

mckenna wrote:+1

Better drop rates for BT helms and BT ability rings please.

150 kills in our server, no ranger BT helm yet.

Took us 300 kills to get a tank helm and we still don’t have a dps druid helm :lol: Keep at it and hope to get lucky.

Re: Dino Skill: Corrupted Touch

I think it's aggro based. Depending how often I taunt. Though it could be entirely random. Don’t really think it works that way. The number of times I taunt doesn’t vary by that much, but we’ve had a Dino cast it close to 20 times in an attempt and not cast it a single time in another one. It might...

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