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Re: Witch Dead

People keep killing this boss in respawn, this is just proof that everyone has accepted the drop conditions that VR has put in this boss, and if they keep killing in these conditions, I don't think they will do anything to change and make this boss fairer for all. Drop going to a random server is n...

Re: Hellsteed mount thread

I think making a premium mount better than in-game accessible content (even if spirit mounts are essentially a premium item) is a bad idea. It unfortunately happened with dragons, and I hope VR doesn't make that mistake again. IMO premium mounts should be unique and flashy things that are a neat ad...

Re: Whats best Tank Pet

A bit of a necropost, but it probably is still a relevant topic :P After trying both the salveroot and the Phoenix, I’d have to say the Salve is superior as the defense buff is a pretty noticeable one. I only use a Phoenix at BT or when there’s no other toon present at a raid with a red Phoenix.

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