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Re: only an Idea

A lot of player from epona would gladly xfer if they could do it with their stuff, anyway i think VR has to take this issue seriously considering the server with the biggest income for them is becoming slowly unplayable. I was thinking maybe remove the ability to make new toons in epona but i dont t...

New pet

Has anyone tried the new pet? Im trying to find the numbers on the skill. How much hp regen is it? Instant or over time? And how much dmg the shield block? For how long? With how much ability?

Re: Nuada 29:30 dino kill

GodKaram wrote:
Froze wrote:Technically Dhio has been killed no rage already lol.

But at its current state no idea what’s the fastest time

Never with 27 or less i guess, fastest is still morri with 25 min kill. ( with 27 toons )

That s impressive

Re: Quality of Life Improvements

Xsyklz wrote:To add to what should be considered quality of life.
Reduce the drop rate of e shield, e boost, e harvest. And all other neglected skills to be as rare as apostate spawns.

There's a reason the skills aren't used. You can't make them desirable just dilutes the boss drop table.

Or balance skills...

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