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Selling pink non aeon glen set with aeon gloves 100k
IGN is aria swann

Re: Can some one xfer these here?

EvilCelticHero wrote:544B35E3-8B67-4BDE-AFBF-D42E78621D74.jpegB2388730-7E91-4A53-A816-B8D086D96122.jpeg

Let me know if you need more info and if you can do it. Thanks!

The top, legs, gloves and boots are aeon. Mask is optional. Thanks. Moving them from crom.

Re: Hello

Okay thanks! Ill look into them when i reach my level goal for the day. I dont have any gold for gear so it will take me a while to get good. Thanks for the response!:)


Haven’t been on so I’m behind on leveling. I may hit levels 20-25 sometime today. Is there a good clan that I could join at some point?

Chests prices?

How much do chests sell for here? I might have some in a few days. I am going to come here from crom. :) my name is either aria swan or aria swann lol- may be both lolz i forgot if i have 1 n in the name on arawn. Im aria swann in crom. I have nothing to xfer. I look forward to joining arawn!:)

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