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Re: Offhand level 100 vs 150

SPLEND1D wrote:buy lvl 100, hit lvl 150 and sell it and buy 150. when you hit 180, do not buy quiver, wait till 200 and then buy. that's what I did.

I will definitely do that if resale value is good

Do you recommend elemental quivers or strength boosting quivers?

Offhand level 100 vs 150

My ranger is now level 100 and I'm planning to buy a lux off hand since i don't have any ranger offhand. Now i heard that getting to level 150 is easy because of repeatable quests. So should i level till 150 and buy an offhand or should i buy a level 100 offhand.I can't get both cause I'm low on gol...

Any Active clans?

Is there any active clans that goes bossing that i can join? All the clans i join go inactive (probably because of the difference in time zones) Im a level 108 rogue. My ign is hitmanlee.

Boss Timer

I decided to start camping bosses to get meteoric armour pieces. However i don't quite understand how the boss timing works. For ex if a boss has a 1 hour respawn time and a 5 minute window does it mean that it will spawn within 55 to 65 minutes since the start of the timer? In that 55 to 65 minutes...

Re: Regen help

im planning to buy ring of life because its only 75k and give 10 energy per tick. The braces are too expensive i cant afford it.

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