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Best high lv dps charm to use and best dps skill set up for a dps spear warrior?

Excluding the spider charm, what would be a good charm for a dps warrior? Also, what are the best skills for a dps spear warrior? Mainly auto with haste will be used but curious to know what skills I should focus on. I was thinking max FRENZY, PUMMEL, DOUBLE ATTACK, SHATTER and put the rest into def...

Looking to Xfer 8 MIL in Coins from CROM to EPONA; Help Me Escape Misery in Crom Please!

Looking to come to this wonderful server called Epona. Nice people, fair market, can't complain. Crom is, well, not the greatest. If you can help me xfer It would be greatly appreciated! I do not care if it is chest or gold but personally prefer straight gold!

Questions about locking for Carrow

Hello, I'm new to the rogue world and I'm going to be making a lock rouge. Here are my questions: 1. I was assuming that level 190 is the perfect locking level since it is in range for no penalty on: Sreng, Snorri, Mordris, Hrungrir and Necromancer . Is this an ideal locking level for just those bos...

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