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Re: Easter Eggs

2. Alon McMusket and Geoffrey Beezels. https://i.postimg.cc/XYqsFqDZ/B2-EF39-F9-8-D3-F-48-F6-BCF2-F0532-F2-DA122.png Names sound familiar? Yes? That’s because these two dudes were obviously named based off of Elon Musk, product architect and CEO of Tesla (as well as the true meme lord) and Jeff Bez...

Re: Easter Eggs

I really like the “ring of force” description. That and several character names are plays on famous people’s names.

Re: Bounty event soon :-) (maybe)

I wana choke that yellow neck of yours and turn you into a red woad You do and I’ll sic my Ninja on you. oh plz, they used to call me rab seagal back in high school, i hit her with this dripping wet pony tail. You do that and she smack you so hard you'll be shorter than Peter Dinklage sitting on a ...

Re: Winter Event

I kinda like the dark castle, was a neat change, but yeah it does make it a bit hard to see. As for snow, at this point I feel like it would be a copy/paste from last years so it wouldn't take a huge amount of effort, but it does get a bit old in March (but where I'm from it often fits lol). I like ...

Re: Bounty event soon :-) (maybe)

Nah, I had a part in it too. I’m sorry. But... it was mostly Eragons fault. :shock: Absolutely, was a ton of fun, lol. I can’t wait for our next little adventure :D Lol, sorry, but it was inevitable that the memes would descend. But I had a sparkly blast :D and will definitely call you guys the nex...

Re: Wings

And here I was hoping for a new Christmas recipe going off of the title lol.
But +1 even a reskin with a few tweaks would be nice (preferably something wintery, but we are getting a winter thingy, so maybe spring/summer?)

Re: Bounty event soon :-) (maybe)

https://i.imgflip.com/3ieivr.jpg https://i.imgflip.com/3iej0h.jpg Awww, it's ruined, memes have entered the story :( Anyways, thank you both for participating, y'all made this far more fun than I intended - we shall have to do it again sometime (prepare yourselves forums). @mods....I'm not really s...

Re: Community Poll: Vote On The New Festive Reindeer

https://i.postimg.cc/ZYP8pWJz/9-E32680-D-C489-43-F6-82-BA-34-A2-F0749-A14.jpg woah, that's cool. Not sure I like the different proportions, but the armor design looks cool! (too much glitter too soon I think though). Can we go for option D? @Angmar will draw it._. +1 lol, I'd like to see that tbh. ...

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