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Re: What are your hobbies?

I would say Israel or Canada was my favorite place to visit. That’s cool! What’s it like in Israel? Is it pretty much like a desert or are there quite a few plants and trees? And on a random note is that Latin in your sig? Haha Yes it’s a Latin phrase that Caligula enjoyed and adopted. It’s basical...

Re: Bt event

+1 to all eragons suggestions :D never read what eragon posts because they are so long, not here to read a book , surprised he has such crazy suggestions. jokes aside nobody asks for something unreasonable as that and isnt it also the devs job to work with us to reach a compromise? I proudly agree ...

Re: Next Update

the idea I posted not to long ago in feedback... A (rather long) idea I had a bit ago lol 1 - there's kinda a dead end on gear; how many stat points and shiny bits can you add before it is too much? No, there will need to be a way to shift it around if the game wants a significant amount of longevi...

Re: What are your hobbies?

Goodness lol, what can't you do? I can’t dance, ride roller coasters, neatly do my hair, do decent at PvP, bake without getting flour all over the place, cook a sausage without making a mess, carve wood, paint with watercolors... And I sure as heck can’t skate for the life of me. Uhh not to make yo...

Re: What are your hobbies?

Goodness lol, what can't you do?

I do a bit of piano, and I tried guitar.
I love to read, but don't really have much time for that anymore.
One day, I would love to get into cars, drawing, martial arts, and juggling.

Re: New item drop locations

Hellforged brace - The trolls huddled up in the middle Apostate Brace - South west corner mage in alchemical https://i.postimg.cc/SxTnWQ0p/B62-F43-E5-2700-485-A-B621-A73623-D2645-D.jpg Hellforged dropped months ago, apostate dropped within 24hrs prior to me posting this - they do exist and please f...

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