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Re: July update delayed

Robert wrote:Hi guys,

As a fellow player, I understand the frustration with further delays to the update. However, please try and give your feedback in a manner that is in-line with this board’s rules.

Thank you.

+1 Feedback is good, throwing a temper tantrum is not feedback.

Re: July update

... I wrote this message in the hope that Difinitus will forward it to the team that runs the game and that has no communication with these players, which is not normal for an MMORPG. :? Ok, so I'm not huge into MMORPGs much beyond CH. I was under the impression that it's normal for the devs to hav...

Re: looking for a new server

Lugh is a clan based server and no longer a dicing server, so some good info there. As for being fake, everyone is a hypocrite in some regard, but in general, if you can play nice, you’ll find a place on Lugh. Lugh general info: (if not correct/current I’m sorry, hopefully someone will correct me if...

Re: When Is Double Platinum?

I think we earned double plat... for them taking their sweet time with updates and bugs. And dbl plat makes them money... why would they not want to do it Perhaps that’s why we got an additional set of events that included a double platinum weekend earlier in the year; they may have foreseen their ...

Re: Celtic Heroes GIFs

I've been putting together a library of Celtic Heroes animated GIFs on my Giphy channel, so I thought I'd share it with everyone in case people wanted to see them. I still have more to add so check back often :) https://giphy.com/channel/GoodiesDruid https://media.giphy.com/media/frG8mCq4enLPgQIbf3...

Re: hey guys + a question

Hello again from Lugh! :D If it's within 3 months, it should still be somewhat relevant. Tbh some topics have more leeway than others (for example, there're some threads that compile lists of items as players find them, so long periods of inactivity between posts aren't unreasonable), but 3 months i...

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