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Re: Happy 4th of July!

No offense to the Brits in the room but I do find it kinda hilarious that like half the countries in the world have a "no longer a part of Britain" holiday :lol: Which ones? Off the top of my head I can think of only India and USA. Israel too if you wanna be pedantic but I don't think it ...

Re: DPS Warrior Questions

No dex. (unless u full auto which isn't recommended). Only enough Vit to keep u alive, rest str. If you have the money for a reaper ring, spend it on a dragon, then if you still have the money for a reaper ring, then maybe. If no dragon, bunny if you have energy problems, wolf/dog aren't too bad, bu...

Re: Necro posting

Elfylolz wrote:Just waiting for a few months to pass by and have someone post on this and say "yeah what's a Necro post?"

*marks calendar* :?

Re: Necro posting

They often depend upon outdated information, which can be very confusing if you don't know what happened in the mean time (updates, bug fixes, major server power changes, etc. just situational). This is easier to do than address every topic subjectively, and if you really need the info from the old ...

Re: Level cap

Yup 220 is current max level of any ig mob. (While we’re here though...) IF they ever raise the level cap (and I’m not saying they should), they should also lower the xp curve a good bit so that it wouldn’t take forever to reach eg. But then you run into the issue (and many already do) of bypassing ...

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