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Re: Developer Diary?

They are developers not our best friends. If you are that lonely then sure So then what are questions for, it doesnt hurt to get to know our developers, you under the assumption that we can only get to know people we can call “friends” They can’t even fix bugs. Why would we want to give them a QnA ...

Re: Bring old Mounts back?

At least put them into rotation, nuada hasnt had a chance to get these items all we got is gliders horses and staffs, no clouds carpets sleds, would be nice ven if it went in aeon rotation One difference between gliders/horses etc and clouds/carpets/sleds is that they were all shop mounts - they we...

Re: Bug?

In the center of the map, at the “!”, is a leystone. Go directly right from there through the waterfall. There are the hidden rooms

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