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Re: A Guide to Clans on Danu

Will we never know about the Mid-Level Clans..? :lol: I enjoy your review of Kudos and Ascension! Very unbiased and great for new players. I may look into them when I get a bit higher on Danu :) Did you just completely ignore my post lol Lvl req is 150 now due to drama Spec who doesn’t ignore you?

Re: A Guide to Clans on Danu

From what I can remember of my time in Prophecy, it was a mid-to-high lvl clan. The recruiting lvl can vary from 45-60, but it can vary from time to time. According to Speco atm it looks like the req is 45. They generally stay out of clan drama and are pretty accepting. But this is back from a few m...

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