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Re: Bosses after the latest patch

If your tank is getting hit by spells then your doing it wrong look at wolfies post arawns guide to bosses If that don't help visit arawn and we will show you We had this down before the last patch. It's how our tank has his full set and most of our group has 3 pieces. But ever since the last patch...

Re: A Halloween event has been discussed by Admin ,,,ideas

I think they should implement the Samhain festival. A feast set up outside farcrag castle with a bunch of npc. This was the traditional way the celtics celebrated halloween. At the tables could be random items that when picked up gives a random status affect. Small, big, increased dmg slightly, or r...

Bosses after the latest patch

Has anyone found a way to kill the wisp bosses since the patch? Our warrior has his full class armor and weapon, felfire still hits him for 2700+. The only thing we have come up with is either 1: 2 tanks restated to 5 5 5 max vit, 3 Druids, and a dps. Tanks have enough hp to survive a hit and 3 Drui...

Re: Speed to lvl

I would also add to the list
Sig's purchased
And even time of day you play, peak player times equal more people farming the same mobs to lvl.

If you really want to lvl fast find a high lvl to power lvl you. Downside is all your skills would be weak which means low damage that you do to mobs.

4 man Druid boss kill

This morning (gmt -8) me and 3 others took down the Druid boss without outside help, no pots, and no idols on our first attempt. Took us about 15 min.

Great job Darl (warrior) lay (Mage) fiz (druid) and me, lumi (Druid)

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