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Re: Rogue leveling build

Hi there I am pretty new to the CH scene so I guess I'm classified a noob, which shows in why I need a leveling build :) I am currently a level 72 Rogue on server Danu. Stats: Strength 65 (117) Dexterity 160 (172) Focus 10 (12) Vitality 150 (152) Skills: Sneaky 15/20 QS 21/20 LS 20/20 Ripo 27/20 Ar...

Re: May someone please give me a good solo-leveling build (w/o combos)?

I'm also not so sure about using Sneaky or Assassinate. Keep in mind I'm requesting advice in making a build for solo lixing, not for bossing or anything like that. Lixing right now is my main focus so I want the best build for it. Thats why he said extras.... My rogue uses Sneaky, Rend (No points)...

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