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i cant enter game

it stay at loading screen on any account when i play with 5G Data but i can play with wifi my device is galaxy note 10 weird thing is when i turn on Hotspot on mobile, other device can enter game with my Hotspot (5G Data) i cant login even if im in everywhere not only tavern or arena but also castle...

Re: Top clan and Server

I was from donn server
But i dont want tell donn is bad or good
But when i went balor, i can say balor has goooooood system for newbies (assume if u work hard) since bank open everyday

Re: Top clan and Server

If u join balor. Its really good choice Only few neggitive person says worst server But we kill bt gele every 2 times ..if server reser 3times. And we run free drop system so once u join revoluation and get some dkp.. U can get under 180 drop for free and u can request many things even full dl edl a...

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