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Celtic Heroes vs VPN?

So I tried using a VPN while playing Celtic Heroes and Celtic Heroes said "No can do" Well not really but if apps could talk it would say that. ._. Is it just mine or because I use Express VPN. Anyone else have it? Does it give you problems? It was on an android samsung glaxy J3 Pro.

Re: [Spoilers] Thoughts on Endgame

Initially I had thought they would follow the comics; endgame would feature the soul world where the heroes could be brought back and battle Thanos in one final fight. Guess its still ok, just that I think time travel is a tad overused, and a spiderman without his spidey sense takes a lot of adjust...

Re: Feedback on The Adventurer mini event - Mabon player

Hi, This is an entirely a player planned and operated event, so there are some limitations to what can be achieved. The Community Team has only had minimal involvement to assist with logistical challenges, but appreciate your feedback regardless. :) Its cool to see you let a player run a mini event...

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