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Re: Spring Has Launched!

For those having device issues this guide may help: http://celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=169&t=79806 Be sure to do the usual steps of Fast Graphics / terrain and lowering Render Distance. Hope that helps. Just finished doing all this for the second time today, still can't do anything....

Re: Sewers and fingals

Not 100% sure but I vaguely remember there being a brief story behind them. I think sewers had to do with an 'ancient city' or something and the firebolgs? But fingals I can't remember. Just a heads up though, this could just be my imagination and total bs as it's been a long time since I read about...

Re: Shrivewood or spiritseed

How much nature ability does shrivewood add? 1k isn't it? Well 1k nature ability doesnt add as much effectiveness to support skills as most people think. (I have godly necral ring that adds 1k) so maybe it's not as much of a clear cut winner over spirit as most People think it is.

Re: clarify for me

She's shared other people's personal info in game before, she got nothing that she didn't deserve. As they say, karma's a b****.

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