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Re: Cooking jewelry

-1. Some servers have a lot of competition, personally i don't want to have to live in the tavern just to stand a chance of locking every boss, maybe others think differently but I find it hard to believe people enjoy the cooking grind. Making these perfected recipes more accessible and easier just ...

Re: Wall glitching to reset necro

Same issue here in my world. And you’re right. This should be a priority for otm tbh. I wouldn’t even mind delaying CG for this. Now i know might get called out for what i just said but really, try being in a server where resets happen frequently and you’ll say the same. I agree. It's awful, wouldn...

Wall glitching to reset necro

I'm going to keep posting until otm have fixed this. I'm not convinced this is a even in the top 10 list of things otm has on their priority when in reality it should've been patched the second they caught wind. After 3 rounds of ffa and "clean griefing" including roots, calm all around fr...

Re: Open all crates

Slightly easier way to open is to put whatever you're trying to open in your hotbar, then just spam as if you were trying to lock Snorri lol. Works for most crates/items anyway.

But I agree an open all function would be ideal.

Question relating to cooking

Hi all. So those that are aware, there are "cooking bosses" in the tower. To my knowledge there is one in the Infernal, Alchemical, Summoning and Forbidden floors. I've killed these many times over and all that are dropping are rare ingredients. I was wondering if anyone can confirm if the...

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