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Re: Best server to Xfer to?

Donn is the best server of all time. Players are friendly and helpful. Clans are kind. If you play final fantasy awakening, you will know what clan to join here. I love this server. It's fun here. Stop falsely advertising donn.. I had a very good reptation there and alot of friends but it is a non ...

Re: how to unban my account

rameyrat wrote:
PINK wrote:Delir got banned wth that ain't cool he's speant 10 grand on the game what a way to repay a loyal player

How does someone even spend that much on this game? If that's true, his next 10 grand should be spent on some sort of rehab program. :lol:

There are some people who see 10 g as nothing

Re: Make iOS great again

You guys sound very childish and idiotic to say android servers have scammers lol ?? What server doesn't have scammers are you kidding me.. you think otm is going to remove cross platform because your little feelings are hurt? Nope. Cross platform is brought so many more players to Celtic Heroes it...


Our band group CH friends has been expanding by the days have been receiving so many members and we are from all servers different people we discuss our opinions on otms moves we have alot of entertaient and established a good family over time. Big discussion right now is about the Aeon chests I wou...

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