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Re: Harry Flint mob

Harry flint was just a normal (a bit rare because 3*) mob in the update 2, gone since update 3 and just came back

highwaymen are now blackthorns, i saw jotun brutes, etc.... no patch notes otm?

Re: saving

alpha's posts are mostly constructive, tho I been on forums since update 2 and have less posts than him lol

Re: Urgan the Wretched

3-4 k in 40 minutes doesn't seem a lot to me. And give low lvls a chance :) they have it hard enough making money :) yes, deathreaver you are just being greedy, urgan isn't here for your own little person... btw, its a boss, i couldnt even solo him in my warrior lvl 47 no lux, so the noobs who mana...

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