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Heal majestic vs godly

why with the majestic ring I heal more than with godly? https://i.postimg.cc/yxMpJYDY/Screenshot-2019-05-15-07-31-13-863-com-onethumbmobile-celtichero.png https://i.postimg.cc/TP1sHSvx/Screenshot-2019-05-15-07-30-49-793-com-onethumbmobile-celtichero.png with godly 6 less: https://i.postimg.cc/vHG3Nj...

Re: Alliance of clans "La Revolucion"

With Revo it is easy to start a warrior, mage or druid. But with the rogue and ranger will not be difficult to pump. In bank: https://i.postimg.cc/BQpsVChd/IMG-20190412-092152.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/QxhhmzqQ/IMG-20190412-092223.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/XJn6LGfV/Screenshot-2019-04-11-15-30-01-918-c...

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